NCAA Division 1 Basketball

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Analysis I don't expect to be doing much with ratings for hoops in 2008-09, but I'll provide some of the resources that have been requested in the past.
Records vs Opponents' Rank
Best wins and worst losses by team according to opponents' current RPI rank.
Normalized Scoring Stats
Points scored and allowed adjusted by ISOV-SOS

College Basketball Rankings Comparison
An excellent reference compiled by Kenneth Massey.
30 Nov7 Dec 14 Dec 21 Dec 28 Dec 4 Jan 11 Jan 18 Jan 25 Jan 1 Feb 8 Feb 15 Feb 22 Feb 1 Mar 9 Mar Final
WRRV (Retrodictive ranking violations weighted by how large the violation is):
30 Nov 7 Dec 14 Dec 21 Dec 28 Dec 4 Jan 11 Jan 18 Jan 25 Jan 1 Feb 8 Feb 15 Feb 22 Feb 1 Mar 9 Mar Final
Scores in CSV format
Division 1 Games only
Yahoo! Scoreboard
Boyd Nation's Iterative Strength Rating
ISOV Definition
Iterative Strength of Victory (ISR with an MOV component)
Percentage Index 2
An RPI alternative with no duplicated records or games in the components. See the description.

(A) Second Order Winning Percentage
This is not really a rating, it is one possible measurement of how a team's results fit within the directed games graph. See also
weighted win path analysis, which is a different measure of the same thing.

Connectivity watch: Games Graph Distance Matrix
# unique Os, OOs, OOOs, etc. for each team.
Games graph including future schedules
Often people who are not familiar with the nature and limitations of statistical methods tend to expect too much of the rating system. Ratings provide merely a comparison of performances, no more and no less. The measurement of the performance of an individual is always made relative to the performance of his competitors and both the performance of the player and of his opponents are subject to much the same random fluctuations. The measurement of the rating of an individual might well be compared with the measurement of the position of a cork bobbing up and down on the surface of agitated water with a yard stick tied to a rope and which is swaying in the wind.
Arpad Elo in Chess Life, 1962
In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; In practice, there is.
Chuck Reid

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